‘Coolest Thing Made in Michigan’ Contest Down to the Top 10

‘Coolest Thing Made in Michigan’ Contest Down to the Top 10

Michigan Manufacturers Association by Michigan Manufacturers Association

Michigan has long been the national leader in manufacturing and innovation, starting as the epicenter of automobile production and continuing to adapt while taking on today’s challenges in emerging technology. From household staples to life-improving machinery, the Mitten State has produced almost everything imaginable.

And now voters have narrowed down the state’s “coolest” to 10 great products. The “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” contest gives voters the ability to select their favorite of Michigan’s Top 10 and decide what is the most amazing Michigan-made product.

The exciting new web-based popular vote is the idea of the Michigan Manufacturers Association, a trade group that advocates for the state’s manufacturers and their employees. The first-ever award is a part of the MMA’s MFG Excellence Awards, which have honored and promoted the story of Michigan’s makers for a century.

Chuck Hadden, president and CEO of the MMA, said Michigan and the world depends on a firm commitment to cost-effective manufacturing.

“Whether you know it or not, manufacturing has shaped and continues to shape the lives of every person in Michigan,” Hadden said. “From the products we use to the communities we call home, manufacturers make that possible. We’re here to ensure those companies — from the smallest manufacturer to the global giants — can compete with business across the street, throughout the country, and around the world.”

The MMA is giving voters the chance to pick their favorite product that has rolled off an assembly line here. The organization encourages voters to show their state pride by making a selection that defines cool and plays an important part in their lives.

View the nominees that have earned a chance to be the “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” in the photo gallery below and then vote for your top choice among the top 10 finalists.

The MFG Excellence Awards will be presented Nov. 8 at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center in East Lansing. The annual honors highlight Michigan producing more than $52 billion in manufactured goods every year and employing more than 623,000 people.

The MMA provides professional development and strategic business services that help companies compete with others states and countries through cost-saving services and offering a top-tier package of competitive insurance rates. The group also hosts events focused on providing solutions to manufacturing issues.

Supporting manufacturing in Michigan is a necessity, said Elyse Kopietz, MMA director of communications, marketing and events.

“Manufacturers spend every hour of every day working to improve the lives of people around the world,” Kopietz said. “That’s something we should all take pride in — these are stories that deserve to be told.”

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