Explore Local: A a magical, local Valentine’s Day adventure

Explore Local: A a magical, local Valentine’s Day adventure

Pure Michigan | Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Eric shows you how to put together a beautiful, local Valentine’s day extravaganza for your loved one – by shopping local you build relationships with local businesses (which means you get the inside scoop), you help to build a vibrant neighborhood and state, and your get unique products that represent our great state.

Shopping local means that your money has more impact; $73 of every $100 spent locally, stays local. It means you are a name, not a number; vibrant, thriving communities; 52% of Michigan jobs are provided by local companies; and MI continues to move forward.


So, as you shop, please try first to find local Michigan options for the items on your list. A helpful way to get started is by checking out this Pure Michigan Shop, Eat & Stay Local page.

You can also subscribe to Pure Michigan’s Featured Deals eNewsletter and get a look at money-saving Michigan offers. Each month will highlight a selection of packages and specials available throughout the state.