2020 prom tuxedos: Trends, tips and where to go to get it right

2020 prom tuxedos: Trends, tips and where to go to get it right

Libins by Nate Reens

The words comfort and performance generally aren’t adjectives used when it comes to describing tuxedos, but that’s changing this spring.

The Michael Kors Legacy Performance Tuxedo has altered the landscape by pairing its unique CoolMax stretch fabric with Sorona to provide maximum flexibility on the dance floor while stopping sweat from slowing you down, said Brenda Pierce.

“The tux is so breathable that it is going to be a big hit,” said Pierce, who manages Libin’s, the Kalamazoo-area shop that specializes in prom tuxedo rentals for Southwest Michigan. “It’s a different feel and a different level of comfort than anyone is used to.”

Pierce and the expert staff at Libin’s have helped high school students find the right outfit for their prom adventures for years. With prom season right around the corner, it’s prime time for juniors and seniors to start thinking about their threads for the big night.

The jacket’s side-vented trim and tapered styling, satin notch lapel and satin double besom pockets complement the traditional look, likely making it the most popular tuxedo for 2020.

Other 2020 rental tuxedo trends include floral patterned bow and long ties as well as passing up the normal leather loafer for the purchase of a slip-on sparkle shoe that shines on its own.

Teens renting their first prom tuxedo or those looking to try something new can take the advice and expertise of Libin’s fitters by getting a complete tuxedo package that starts at $99 through May 16.

Here are other tips from the experts at Libin’s:

Don’t wait

Teens are notorious for procrastinating, but this is one time that students should think ahead to avoid a last-minute scramble. Selection and sizes of tuxedos can vary – and do occasionally sell-out – so it’s best to get fitted and place an order at least a month in advance of the prom date.

The right tuxedo for teens

There are four keys:

  • The appropriate size and fit: No matter how sharp the look, it falls apart if the fit isn’t right. Big and baggy doesn’t work with tuxedos and a slim-fit isn’t for everyone. Take advantage of experts for measurements and their advice on what to wear.
  • Match your partner: The night is too important to chance that your tuxedo and its accessories are a color shade off your prom date’s dress. To get the perfect match, bring the dress or a swatch of the fabric to Libin’s.
  • Stay consistent and true to your style: Prom night should be relaxing and there should not be any anxiety about trying to pull off a different fashion. Your tuxedo should be a style that complements you.
  • When in doubt, a traditional look always wins the night: You simply can’t go wrong with a classic black tuxedo.

Other styles

There are tuxedo trends that give guys the ability to stand out from the crowd and make their mark with a different look. One emerging direction are paisley print jackets from Mark of Distinction tuxedos. Teens who opt for the cobalt blue, apple red or granite designs will standout when pairing the coats with black pants.

Another bold look is from Kenneth Cole, which is offering its burgundy tuxedo jacket for pairing with black tuxedo pants. This comes in an ultra slim fit and has a two-button closure and a front welt pocket if the wearer wants to add a pocket square.

The safe bet

As previously mentioned, the traditional black and white tuxedo goes with anything. Teens are always safe with this choice, and it will match any formalwear dates choose for the prom. Again, it’s about the appropriate fit and Libin’s professional staff can help you get the right style and make sure it is fits properly.


Pairing the look of your tuxedo jacket and pants with the other elements of your prom night comes down to a mix of personal preference, natural design fit and what your date is wearing. This is another spot to use the consultation from a Libin’s expert.

  • Shirts and ties: Wing collars and laydown collars are standard. If you’re wearing a long tie, there’s no decision to make as it is always worn with a lay down collar. A bow tie can accessorize either shirt style, and the decision comes down to your comfort level.
  • Vests: The no-exception rule is to have this selection match your jacket and/or your date’s colors.
  • Shoes: Unless opting for the sparkle shoe, the key is to not break tradition. Shiny black patent leather or tan footwear also works with any black, grey or navy tuxedo. A white tuxedo requires a white shoe.

For more information, read more at Libin’s website, visit at 1028 East Cork Street or call (269) 381-0746.