Holiday clothing guide: What to gift to create lasting memories

Holiday clothing guide: What to gift to create lasting memories

Libins by Nate Reens

The holiday season is fleeting, but there is a way to stretch out the moments that seem to slip by as people rush to family gatherings, work celebrations and other events that make a month’s time pass at the same pace as a snap of the fingers.

The right gift takes the recipient back in time and rekindles the feelings of joy throughout the year. In many instances a piece of clothing can be as functional as it is fun. It’s an opportunity to offer your co-workers, friends and relatives quality items that will return years of wear and memories.

The gift-finding process can take a great deal of time and energy, so the experts at Libins, Southwest Michigan’s leading men’s and women’s store for more than 60 years, have taken some of the work and stress off shoppers by creating a look at some of the options.

Here’s what they recommend:

Old Friend slippers: Take a step back in time and let your friends and family slip into indoor footwear that will warm the body and the mind. Old Friend’s slipper varieties combine sheepskin lined footbeds with a soft suede leather exterior. The wide selection for men matches the style of anyone on your gift list. The sturdy construction exceeds typical department store brands that may not survive a season of wear.

Happy socks: Bring some levity to the season, and the year, with lighthearted and vibrant patterns that can include and incorporate the recipients’ favorite bands, including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to modern video-game Minecraft-inspired designs. There are eye-catching looks that feature everything you can imagine from cats, dogs, whimsical art and holiday gift boxes. Socks have become a calling card of personality and a gift that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Dress shirts and ties: This all-time classic gift can be the punchline of jokes, but the attire is still a necessity for businessmen and aspiring professionals. Paired with different solids, patterns and paisley looks, shirts and ties can be worn with or without a suit coat for many different occasions. They’ll be useful for meetings, nights out, weddings and more.

Raffi men’s sweaters: These merino wool sweaters are as comfortable as they are luxurious, a clothing item that will last for years and never go out of style. There is a wide selection of colors in crew neck, v-neck and quarter-zip styles. More than four decades of success and innovation has landed namesake Raffi Shaya as one of the leading men’s fashion purveyors in the world.

Women’s sweaters: Two brands – Tribal and Karissa & Me – have proven popular with women for a variety of styles and the ability to look great with jeans or leggings. Available in pullover, tunic style, cardigan or coat sweaters, these knits are versatile for a day at the office or a day lounging in comfort at home. They’re great for when the temperatures drop and you need to stay warm.

Brighton handbags: This U.S.-based, family-owned company has been making classic, timeless handbags since 1993. The bags are made of the best leathers and each piece feels like a one-of-a-kind that is fashion relevant for a day of running errands or a date night, depending on what the outfit the user is accessorizing. The quality craftsmanship will hold up for years of use.

His and hers stocking stuffers

These quick-hit items are easy on the wallet, but also a firm reminder that you’re thinking about a person and showing them that they’re important in your life. These ideas are always appreciated:

  • Fragrances
  • Men’s bow ties
  • Pocket silks in solid and prints that finish a suit
  • Leather gloves lined with Thinsulate, cashmere or fleece
  • Brighton Jewelry earrings, necklaces, bracelets and charms
  • Cashmere scarves in plaid and solids

For a great shopping experience, visit Libins today to put their knowledge to use for your gift-giving.