Munising: Where your four-season U.P. adventure begins

Munising: Where your four-season U.P. adventure begins

Munising Visitors Bureau by Nate Reens





The picture perfect U.P. vacation allows visitors to experience the world exactly at the pace they desire.

And we think you’ll discover everything you’re looking for and more in Munising, a four-season wonderland that will feed your sense of wonder, soothe your soul and fulfill a chase for outdoor adventure.

We welcome you to marvel at the dramatic views of the multi-colored sandstone cliffs – dazzling displays of red, orange, green and blue – at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore or to find inspiration while gazing out at the expanse of a churning Lake Superior.

Hit the water for a tour under the summer sun, venture down hiking trails during a fall color explosion, hop on a snowmobile to search dense forests and spot majestic wildlife, or find out how the spring snowmelt provides wow-worthy moments.

It’s all in front of you in Munising.

Here is a season-by-season guide on how to road trip the right way in your first – or your next – visit to Munising.


There’s nothing like being on the water in the summer, and Munising delivers with lake activities that range from the serene and passive to the adrenaline-pumping. See Lake Michigan shipwrecks in the Alger Underwater Preserve from a glass-bottomed boat. Take a cruise that shows off the brilliance of the cliffs, sea caves and beaches that line the lakefront. Chill in a kayak as you paddle the park. Or get your thrills in a decommissioned Navy Seal jetboat that rips through the water at high-speeds, blasts into sharp turns and even pulls 360-degree spins to the delight of howling riders.


Temperatures that cool during the color-tour season create the perfect setting for trail hikes, mountain biking excursions and ATV rides that put the natural beauty at the heart of your trip. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore offers 100 miles of trails and 42 miles of Lake Superior’s shore. It’s one amazing step after another.

Our visitors can’t get enough of hitting the saddle of a mountain bike and heading out another natural encounter. Trails of varying length terrain and skill levels have made Munising a destination for dedicated riders who want to roll over fast-paced flow tracks and take on man-made and natural obstacles. Grand Island two-tracks are passable by hybrid, mountain, gravel and fat bikes on daily rides that most can conquer in 2 to 4 hours.

The Hiawatha National Forest, nearly 900,000 acres of wilderness, provides a playground for ATV operators who trek over old train paths used during the Upper Peninsula’s iron ore and lumbering booms. The trail network can lead to days of riding and exploring.


There’s a reason Munising is called the Snowmobile Capital of the Midwest. There is no other spot that can send you out on 330 miles of groomed trails that have been in-filled and widened for safety and smooth-riding. The trails are in-filled and widened before the season for added safety and benefits of smooth-riding in a season that can begin in November and last into May. Annual snowfall averages 230 inches per season, making Munising a rider’s dream.

But we’re not a one-trick pony. If you seek a slower speed through nature, more than 20 miles of cross-country ski trails wind through Pictured Rocks’ majestic landscape, are waiting for you to glide through the scenery.

And Munising is an ideal launching spot to see the mesmerizing Eben Ice Caves that form through the walls of the Rock River Gorge as water seeps through cracks in the rock. The vertical walls are different every year, making each visit a new one. Walk or snowshoe through the caves and then stare in amazement as ice climbers, an emerging adventure sport, scale the heights.


The geological evolution that created Pictured Rocks also formed a lesser known, if not equally as stunning, physical phenomenon many don’t realize exist in Michigan: Waterfalls.

At the epicenter of 300 waterfalls in Michigan is Munising, where 17 falls are located. Sites range from roadside stops to challenging hikes and from small, stream-like drops to cascading falls.

In the spring, water volumes are at a peak with the snow melt, and observers will feel like they’ve stumbled upon one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Come summer, lush green growth of trees and other plants present a colorful and vibrant scene. Fall is mesmerizing from the contrasting colors of the changing leaves. Winter offers a chance to see water seemingly frozen in midair.

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