Ready to Spend a Day in Port Huron?

Ready to Spend a Day in Port Huron?

Michigan Retailers Association by Michigan Retailers Association

Port Huron’s historic downtown and the beautiful views of Lighthouse Park set the stage for another look at Michigan’s unique retailers with MLive’s Nick Behling.

Nick explores the huge inventory of instruments at Hanson Pro Music with the shop’s owner, Eric Hanson, who explains that he enjoys helping budding musicians find just the right piece of equipment. He then settles in and gets comfortable at the Raven Cafe while enjoying a great sandwich and a cup of coffee.

Follow along with the Michigan Retailers Association and Nick to discover what makes Michigan unique, while remembering to buy nearby as local stores and restaurants employ more than 800,000 people across our state.

Stay with us for more Michigan’s Best adventures as Nick and the team uncover can’t-miss locations around the Mitten.

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